Children of the Caucasus was set up in 1997 in response to the ongoing suffering of children from the conflicts of 1991 to 1994.

We are a dedicated team working with refugees, orphans and internally displaced children aged between 7 and 15.


We believe in nurturing the intelligence and creative spirit in children. Providing hope for the future is an excellent means.of healing the wounds of the past.

To this end we assist with general educational materials and teaching, with a view for the long term.

children painting

Our exhibition tours five former war zones of the southern Caucasus. In it we display wonderful expressive paintings by children from all regions, equally.

It shows the parents, and those who once fought just how similar all these children are, and how their living together will become the future of their region.

other projects

As well as our art workshops, language classes and travelling exhibition, we provide school materials and help with classroom renovations.

We also operate letter exchanges with more privileged children in Europe and America, and do what we can to assist these forgotten but highly talented children.

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